Chamaelobivia, the hardy cactus!


This tough, hardy cactus 'rocks'! Finish your garden with this beautiful garden cactus, easy to care for and a real eye-catcher. If you don't have a garden you can place this cactus also perfectly inside.

This popular cactus has surprisingly large flowers. With older plants the flowers can grow up to 6 cm. To bloom, in may, he needs a cold period. The flowers come in the bright colors red, pink, yellow, white or orange.

Place the chamaelobivia outside in your (rock) garden directly in the ground or on your balcony In a pot. It does not matter to this cactus, everything is allright with him. The cactus is sensitive to rotting, so make sure it does not get wet feet.

The plant can withstand heat and likes a place in the sun. He needs few water in the summer. In the winter the cactus does not need water. He is hardy till -7°C