The plant of the month April is Paeonia, also known as Peony. The Latin name Paeonia comes from the Greek Paion, the physician of the Greek gods, or Paionia, a plant from ancient Greece.  Peony's seeds were attributed a healing effect against epilepsy and prevented nightmares. The plant originally comes from China and Japan. The Peony is therefore the national flower of China. The Paeonia can reach a height of 150 cm and returns every year. The beautifull full flowers are a real eyecatcher. They must remain in their spot for a long time before they start to flower. Being patient for 5 to 10 years will be well rewarded. The flowering period of the Paeonia is from May to June.



The Helianthus SUNbelievable Brown Eyed Girl is our newest novelty and a real eye-catcher in your garden. The plant grows about 60 cm tall and is very easy to care for. You will get rewarded with masses of flowers. Bees and butterflies love the Helianthus too!